Can I visit the kennel and meet the puppies, Dam and Sire?

If you would like to meet the dam and sire before the puppies are born, absolutely! Puppies are very susceptible to disease and illness, so no visitors are allowed until the puppies are 7 weeks of age and had their first set of shots. No other animals will be allowed on the premises, and all visitors are required to wash and sanitize throughly before meeting the puppies.

I live too far away to pick up my puppy personally. Can I still purchase a puppy from your kennel?

Yes, we can provide same day air shipping at the buyer’s expense out of Kansas City International Airport. This will cost roughly $250-350. The shipping price as well as the price of the puppy must be paid in full before we can ship.

What is your DEPOSIT policy?

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. If for any reason you are unable to adopt the puppy, we can transfer your deposit to the purchase of another puppy or dog within a 2 year period. This deposit will only be refunded at the discretion of Magnum Opus Kennels if your application is denied.

I’m getting a puppy! What now?

Before you bring your pup home, make sure you’re fully prepared! We recommend that your puppy shopping list include an XL wire kennel with crate cover, dog bed, food and water bowls, plenty of toys, safe chew toys, small dog brush, nail trimmers, leash, collar and tags, and your first bag of puppy food. We feed Blue Wilderness Large Breed Puppy, and will send home a small bag of it with you. If you’d like to switch to a different brand of food, first check with your veterinarian and they can give you guidelines on some good brands of food and how to slowly switch over. First steps after getting your puppy include taking it to your veterinarian for its next round of shots, potty training, kennel training, basic manners, and teaching the puppy its new name! We use and recommend Dr. Heidi Miller with All Creatures Animal Hospital in Columbia, MO.

How do i register my puppy with the AKC?

Your puppy has been pre-registered with the AKC and all its paperwork will be included in your Puppy Packet! To order AKC papers, go to www.akc.org/register/dog. You will need its registration number and date of birth.

When will my puppy’s ears stand up?

Anywhere between 2 months to 7 months. Most puppies’ ears stand up fully for the first time between 3-4 months old. It is NOT recommend that you tape your puppy’s ears, as they can be permanently damaged. Do not excessively rub or fondle the puppy’s ears, as it can damage the blood vessels and prevent the ears from standing altogether.

how big will my puppy get?

A puppy’s adult weight is usually somewhere between the adult weight of the pup’s sire and dam. Males are generally larger than females. The adult weights of the sire and dam are posted on the page “Our Dogs”.

How much exercise should my puppy get?

Your puppy is still very young and it’s important to protect its bones, joints and ligaments from damage until it is at least 18 months old. Magnum Opus recommends walking your puppy for at least 10-15 minutes twice a day, increasing the length of the walk as your puppy grows. You should never force your puppy to run on a leash or beside a bicycle for any prolonged length of time. Restrict your puppy from jumping as much as possible. We encourage lots of playtime with your puppy. This is a working breed, and without proper mental and physical stimulation your puppy will get bored and start to develop undesired behaviors such as chewing, destructiveness, digging, whining, pacing, etc. Start training early and keep it consistent. Short, frequent training sessions lasting no more than 5 minutes are best. Gradually increase sessions to 10-15 minutes as your puppy grows.

How should I socialize my new puppy?

Start socialization as early as possible! Magnum Opus recommends that you start socializing your puppy the first week you bring it home. You may want to give the puppy a few days to get acclimated to its surroundings. After that, the more the better! Make sure your pup is fully vaccinated and up to date on shots to minimize the risk of illness. You can take your puppy with you to most pet stores, hardware stores, and outdoor parks and downtown areas. Encourage everyone, including children, to pet and fondle your puppy. Encourage your pup to be relaxed and confident in social situations. You want to protect him from any bad experiences, so he learns everyone is his friend. We encourage you to set up puppy playdates with other dog friendly, fully vaccinated puppies and dogs. Dog parks can be a very useful tool for socialization and playtime, but Magnum Opus recommends you wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated before taking him to dog parks. Remember: your puppy is cute and tiny now, but he will become a very large, strong, intimidating dog. It is your responsibility to ensure your puppy will never become a danger to other people or animals. Early, often socialization and training is the best way to ensure that.

Help! My puppy won’t stop biting and nipping! What can I do?

German Shepherd puppies are called “Land Sharks” for a reason. They love to use their teeth! This can especially be trying during the teething stage. Your first step is to make sure your pup has appropriate items to chew on, such as bones, chew toys, Kongs, and stuffed animals. Second, make sure you and everyone else who interacts with your puppy consistently discourages nipping or biting behavior in the same way. Whenever your puppy nips or bites you or anyone else, or any inappropriate objects, you only have about 3 seconds to correct the behavior. We recommend a stern “no!” and then immediately redirect the behavior to an appropriate chew toy.

How long can I leave my puppy alone for?

No more than 8 hours a day. Magnum Opus recommends you start kennel training early, and do not leave your puppy alone and loose in your home for long periods. If you have a demanding job that requires you to be away for long periods of time, a German Shepherd puppy may not be right for you. This breed requires lots of time, energy, and attention. Make sure you carefully evaluate how much you can commit to your dog before you decide to purchase one.

Any other questions?

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