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This contract is between Melissa Sanders, hereinafter referred to as SELLER and ______________________________________, hereinafter referred to as BUYER.

Regarding_____________________________________von Magnum Opus, sold for the sum of $__________.

1) The Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping this dog  parasite free and up to date with inoculation. Proper nutrition--good quality food given at regular intervals and fresh water available at all times--will be provided. The Seller strongly recommends that the dog wear a collar with identification tags at all times as well, and be microchipped or tattooed in order to facilitate its return if lost or stolen.

2)  The Seller guarantees this dog to be of sound health and temperament at the time of this sale. A health record of all shots and dewormings will be provided by the Seller.  The Buyer agrees to take this dog to a licensed veterinarian of his choice within 72 hours for a physical examination. Should dog be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which is clearly attributable to the Seller, the dog may, upon signed written diagnosis from said veterinarian, be returned for refund of the purchase price. No other guarantees are given.

3) The Buyer agrees to either (1) not to use this dog for breeding and agree to have it spayed/neutered at the age recommended by their veterinarian, usually 2 years of age, and that this dog will remain on limited AKC registration; or (2) if the buyer intends to use this animal for breeding, full registration can be purchased for an additional $500 at 24 months of age or older if appropriate health testing is done and acceptable scores attained. The minimum health tests required by Magnum Opus Kennels are: hip certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) with a score of good or better, elbow certification by the OFA with a score of normal or better, and Degenerative Myelopathy testing by the OFA with a score of N/N or A/N.

4)  If at any time the Buyer can no longer retain possession of this dog, the Seller is to be notified immediately and given first option of resuming full ownership of dog.  Refunds, if any, will be at the discretion of the Seller. The dog will be returned with all AKC papers, properly signed, and medical records. The Seller reserves the right to approve or prohibit any transfer of this animal to a third party. Under no circumstances will this dog be sold, leased, traded or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or similar facility. If the Seller determines by any means that the dog is not being suitably cared for or that it has been mentally or physically mistreated, Seller has the right to take full possession of the dog and its properly signed AKC transfer papers/registration, without compensation. The Seller’s judgement is the only authority required to justify this action. Nothing will supercede the Seller’s judgement on this matter.

The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established to ensure the well being of the dog, but also to uphold and maintain the reputation of quality that Magnum Opus Kennels has established. The Seller will have the right to enforce all agreements.

Seller:____________________________________________________Date:____________ Buyer:____________________________________________________Date:____________