passion for the breed

Fearless. Intelligent. Powerful. Beautiful.

German Shepherd Dogs are an absolutely incredible breed. They are smart, talented, high energy dogs that will require lots of training, exercise, and attention—and it’s completely worth it! Purchasing a German Shepherd is a major decision. I’m here to guide that decision and help change your life for the better.

My name is Melissa Sanders and I’m the owner of Magnum Opus Kennels. “Magnum Opus” is Latin for “great work” and that’s how I see my dogs and this breeding program. Each dog is carefully chosen, health and temperament tested, and trained before it enters into our breeding program.

I’ve loved German Shepherd Dogs for as long as I can remember and I’m incredibly passionate about the breed. GSDs are amazing working dogs and family pets, and Magnum Opus is all about breeding dogs that can serve both purposes. We currently specialize in medium drive dogs with an “off switch” that makes them incredibly versatile and suitable for both working and companion homes. Our dogs are big and beautiful, primarily West German and American show lines with some working background as well.

My background is mainly rescue and volunteer work with dogs and cats in need. I’ve volunteered with local animal shelters and rescue groups since I was 8 years old. I have fostered and trained over 40 rescue dogs and cats over the past two years and will continue to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals. For the past five years, I’ve focused mainly on helping working breed rescue dogs with behavioral issues. I have also recently begun training my personal companion dog in Schutzhund/IPO.

All our puppies are raised in a family environment with exposure to other dogs and cats and plenty of socialization. Puppies are fully vet-checked and up to date on shots and dewormer, and they also come pre-registered with the American Kennel Club. They are started on potty training, kennel training and basic obedience before they go home at 8 weeks old. Our puppies also undergo temperament testing at 7 weeks of age so we can place them in the perfect home where they will thrive. We believe in giving our puppies a headstart in life by preparing them to be confident, calm, well-adjusted dogs wherever they may go.

If you choose to purchase your dog through Magnum Opus, I hope to create a lifelong relationship with you and your family. I’m always here as a resource if you have any questions about training or behavior, and I can help refer you to an amazing support staff of dog trainers, veterinarians and specialists. I also love seeing progress pics as your puppy grows! Feel free to check out our FAQ page, or reach out at any point if you have any questions!